Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Sunday Reflection

I love when my internal life coincides with an outside event in a way that is reaffirming or inspiring.  Some people call it serendipity, some people call it the Spirit.  I just call it awesome.  I heard words of inspiration today during today's message at church.  To paraphrase: "Helping others free themselves from the things that oppress them is our work as Christians.  When we help lift the burdens of others, we find that we have been equally or more healed of the the particular burdens that oppress us."

One beauty I've found in being headquartered at home much of the time is the ability to look around to see who might need some of what I've got.  I'm not spinning quite as much, which really does wonders for the possibility of being connected with others.  Not that I'm free of spinning, it's just not quite as frequent.  I feel like I can listen a little better and have felt inspired to find ways that I can be a part of lifting the burden.

The pastor's reflection really is true. Looking farther outward and listening more closely to find ways that I can be a piece of the healing puzzle (without trying to figure out how it might be a reflection on myself), has really helped lift my burden.  I am spending less time investing in icky feelings of judgment and self-absorption.  It's liberating.

I want to be a mom that can model that behavior for my kids.  If I want to take the moral and character development part of my parenting job seriously, I better get a head start.

Can I keep it going?  Let's hope so.  I'll look forward to a little divine intervention too :)

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