Wednesday, August 11, 2010

God's Hands

A snippet of a conversation that I had with CB a few days ago as we watched my dad leave to go to a funeral wake for his friend:

CB: "Mom, where's Grandpa going?"

Me: "He's going to see a friend of his who died.  After people die, sometimes people visit the body to say good-bye, even though they aren't in the body anymore."

CB: "If his friend isn't in his body anymore, where is he?"

Me: "Well, he's in heaven with God.  He's with other people who have already died and they are all with God."

CB: (Thinking) "....Well, how are God's hands big enough to carry him?"

Me: "God is very big."

CB: "Is God as big as this?" (Stretches her arms as wide as she can.)

Me: "Even bigger.  More like as big as the sky."

CB: "Oh, like the Genie in Aladdin!"

Me: "Yeah, something like that."

CB: "Mom, when will I die?"

Me: (OMG!) "...We don't really know when we'll die but maybe when you are an old lady."

CB: "But if I die, who will be your kid?"

Me: "Even when we die, you and Henry will always be my kids."

(Big hug.)

These conversations about death have become somewhat of a staple in my interactions with CB in the past months.   Often, when presented with the mortality of a creature, she will bring up death.  I'm amazed at how often she distills a nugget of something meaningful or beautiful from these talks.  Her mind is so incisive and her words are sweetly honest. 

I am blessed with her reflections.

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  1. One time when Ryan was talking to me about death, he asked "Mommy, when I die will you be waiting for me in heaven in case I'm scared?" Sweetest thing he's ever said!