Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Diary of a mom's daily invention

As I begin this project, I feel the need to explain why I am writing this blog.  It's a strange and wonderful feeling to know that I am both writing to myself and to some unknown audience.  The possibilities are endless and are bringing me a nice little buzz of excitement.  But with that excitement, I'm a little bewildered and naive about what this blogging experience will bring.

So, it seems fitting to start with an explanation. 

For the past several years, I've been feeling myself evolve as the highs and lows of motherhood have had their way with me.  I want to be more present with this metamorphosis, aware of the details and alive to the meaning within the blurr that is family life with young children.  To record experiences in writing is to re-live them.  Writing helps squeeze out the real, the sweetness.  Sometimes when I write or talk about my day, I find myself more aware of the amazing, breathtaking moments.  These are the moments that I imagined for ourselves before we had children.

To write about something is to explore it and to value the experience.  The ephemeral nature of any given moment in family life requires one to stop, look, and listen.   Otherwise, the moment has passed and someone's begging for a snack and a poopy diaper needs to be changed.

Going beyond myself, figuring out how to be the mom that I want to be is a gift and a challenge.  I invent myself daily, for my family and for myself, piecing together what it takes to make our worlds go round each day. 

This blog is a piece of that invention.

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