Monday, October 4, 2010

Who was I before I was a speck?

Setting the scene: Laying down for bed this evening with CB, after a long day of togetherness.  After reading books, she is all set up in her "Sleeping Tent."  (She's been sleeping in this tent for almost 3 weeks.  It's a tent set up on top of her bed that is so tiny it just fits her body and not much else.  It's adorable.  One night, I suggested it as a fun thing to get her excited about bed, and apparently it was a good idea.)

CB: Mom, why do I have a belly button?
Me: Your belly button marks the spot where there was a cord connecting us when you were in my tummy.   
       Remember how H had a cord when he was born and then his belly button formed?
CB: Yes, but what is the cord for?
Me: It's so that the baby can get food while it's in the mommy's tummy?
CB: Well, how did I get into your tummy?
Me: (Oh boy) Mmmm, well you started as a speck and then grew into a baby.
CB: How big was the speck?
Me: (I make a tiny circle with my thumb and pointer) Really small. Tiny, like this.
CB: Well, how did the cord connect to the speck?
Me: When you were a speck you had to grow arms and hands, legs and feet, a head with eyes, nose, and 
       ears.  And we had to grow the cord between us.
CB: What does the speck eat?
Me: The baby eats everything the mama eats.  Like when I ate a hamburger, you got some hamburger. 
       When I ate broccoli, you ate broccoli.  That's why you like it so much!
CB: Oh!
Me: Okay, time for bed now.
       (Which I felt bad about saying, because her expression was so focused
       and curious.  But I kept thinking about my other child who was with my parents, waiting for me  
       to come bring him to bed.)

       Long pause.

CB: Mom, who was I before I was the speck?
Me: (Poking my head under the side of the tent, smiling at her unbearably sweet insighfulness)
       I've wondered that too... I don't know, hon.

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